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A Pandemic Mitigation Plan (PMP) should be a multipronged approach in dealing with a pandemic at any stage. Being able to react and adapt is important and requires resources. 

We’re here to help. We’ve developed a scalable framework that works for any business, of any size, at any stage of a pandemic. By using our DetectProtectDecon, and Trace strategic framework, you can implement any number of solutions to help your business respond and mitigate the impact of a pandemic like COVID-19. 

A PMP has no start to finish order. Our framework will help you pick the right solution for the appropriate mitigation action. We’ve hand-picked solutions for each of the four different mitigation strategies. 

Whether you’re a facility or sports complex, mitigating any possible risks to your employees and their families and customers should be a top priority. 

Let’s work together, using the PMP framework strategies, to build your pandemic mitigation plan. 


Having a reliable detection plan strategy in place, as part of your master Pandemic Mitigation Plan, can save businesses and companies unnecessary down time. Being able to react and lessen the exposure to a pandemic protects your workers, your customers and the general public. 

What detection mitigation plan does your company or business use to ward off a pandemic? With the right tools and technology, you can implement a cost-effective solution for any application. 

Detection Technologies:

• Mass Fever Screening (Sentry MK4)
• Biologics Air Sampling (SKC Inc.)
• Mobile Testing (Detectachem) 
• H202 Detection


A major role player in PMP is having a protection strategy in place. No matter the size of business, ensuring everyone’s safety during a pandemic is crucial. Protection leads to a lesser risk of exposure and a reduction of down time. Does your business have the correct supplies to battle and protect every employee during a pandemic?

Is there a plan in place to protect not only employees but customers and the general public? With the right protection equipment, you can put in place a safe, cost effective plan for any application.

Our extensive network of suppliers and partners allows us to manage common supply chain issues most companies face during a pandemic. Our strategic partnerships allow us to source PPE better and faster than others companies.

Protection Solutions:

• Respiratory Fit Testing (TSI Portacount Exclusive Disitrbutor)
• Respiratory - surgical, N95, FR, half, full, papr, etc.
• Eye and Face Protection
• Disposable Garments
• Hand Protection
• Gowns, Lab Coats, and Boot Covers
• Signage
• Sanitizers
• Flame Resistant Masks


Having a decontamination strategy is an important, proactive step of any pandemic mitigation plan. It can also be very complicated. Depending on your environment, not every decontamination product or solution is right for you. This is where we can help.

Regardless of your environment, food processing, manufacturing, healthcare, or even your own home, one of our hand-picked decontamination solutions will work.

With a decontamination strategy, business impact can be limited and managed accordingly.

Decontamination Technologies:

• Anolyte Solution (Organic, Food and Human Safe)
• Electrostatic Defense
• Traditional Disinfectants


A large part of any PMP is contact tracing, a very specialized skill that requires a lot of resources. The CDC considers contact tracing to be a key part in any PMP and has credited contact tracing to be a big help containing COVID-19.

For most companies and business, an outbreak would be deadly and could result in having to shut down completely. With a contact tracing strategy, businesses can limit the impact and effects on their business.

How does your company’s PMP using contact tracing to mitigate an outbreak? Is it realistic to use contact tracing in your business to help protect employees, contractors, and customers? Absolutely. With the right tools and technology, you can put in place a safe, cost effective contact tracing solution, that maintains personal privacy.

Contact Tracing Technology:

• Intrinsically Safe Wearables

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