Do you know where your edges are? 

In work environments of every variety, edges at height are much more common than people are aware of.  Simply look around any construction site and note the many different edges that exist such as edges of a floor, roof or formwork.

CSA’s New Safety Standard

As awareness of this threat is increasingly on the rise, new safety standards have been defined. The most stringent is CSA Z259.2.2-17 which requires leading edge connecting devices to meet criteria such as:

  • Edge radius as sharp as 0.010 in (0.26mm)
  • Safe for users connected at foot level
  • Used anytime the device is anchored below the harness back D-ring or the lifeline comes in contact with an edge or surface

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Nearly indestructible, the high impact-resistant nylon housing withstands the harsh rigours of the toughest applications. The lightest, most rugged line of composite retractables are designed with smooth, round edges to increase durability.

  • Lifetime housing guarantee when used under typical working conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum internal components extend service life and reduce replacement costs
  • Dual-swivels (unit top and snap hook) included on all cable models maximize user mobility
  • Unique side payout design reduces wear on the entry bushing and lifeline for smooth operation with less drag
  • Falcon Edge SRLs include an integral shock absorber for leading edge and foot level tie-off applications
  • Certified to ANSI Z359.14 SRL-LE Class B & CSA Z259.2.2-17 Class SRL-LE

The versatility You need. The safety you depend on. The Falcon Edge SRL has you covered!

Integral Shock Absorber

Integral shock absorber connected to the worker ensures the lifeline is kept intact if a fall were to occur over an edge to increase safety

Enhanced Impact Resistant Nylon Housing

Withstands the harsh rigors of the toughest applications for increased durability to extend service life and to lower cost of ownership

Unique Side Payout Design

Reduces wear on the entry guide bushing and cable providing smooth operation with less drag to increase user mobility. Internal entry guide bushing and roller prevent cable from cutting into housing for increased durability

Durable Shock Absorber Cover

Ballistic nylon shock absorber cover for increased durability (flame retardant shock absorber cover for welding applications  also available).

Dual Swivels

Dual swivels at top of unit and on snap hook increase mobility and minimize lifeline from twisting during use

Steel Double Locking Carabiner

Steel carabiner (and tagline) included for easier connection and installation.

*Offer expires September 30, 2020


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