At the forefront of pandemic defense, the Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System stands guard against infectious diseases and viruses. Already deployed in commercial buildings, industrial plants, airports, hospitals, banks and other critical facilities, the Sentry MK4 is an essential security solution for any modern organization seeking to safeguard human assets and sustain business operations during a pandemic outbreak.

Mass Fever Screening and Pandemic Control System

Evolving from our performance-proven of Sentry MK3, that protected many organizations and institutions from H5N1 to COVID-19 coronavirus, the Sentry MK4 is a culmination of more than a decade experience of developing remarkable family of mass fever screening system.

Decade of experience in mass fever screening

Drawing on Omnisense Systems’ experience in the manufacture and supplying to organizations and institutions – from SARS, H5N1 to COVID-19 coronavirus.

Autonomous System

System automatically adjust and adapt to the surrounding ambient temperature without any human intervention.


Fever Screening at your Fingertip

Intuitive UI with Dual-Displays (Day Camera + IR) provides easy target identification, simplifies operation & minimize handling.

Video Recording

Video Recording capabilities for playback or post-incident Data Analysis (use with third party analytic solutions).


Multi Device Control

Mobile app with Multi-Device Connectivity for remote control from Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

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