MDBio COVID-19 Test Kit


The ground-breaking MobileDetect Bio BCC19 assay testing kit combines laboratory-grade diagnostics with smartphone automated detection technology and rapid result reporting capabilities. This solution enables actionable infection result data reports anytime, anywhere.

Lab validated COVID-19 detection results in 8 simple steps.

  1. Use swab to sample interior of nasal cavity.
  2. Apply swabbed nasal samples into buffer solution.
  3. Apply buffered sample into MDBio cuvette.
  4. Apply MDBio COVID-19 test assay to samples for reaction.
  5. Heat reaction for 30 minutes with MDBio Heater.
  6. Insert heated sample cuvette into MDBio Holder.
  7. Scan QR code on MDBio Holder for automated infection results.
  8. Instantly email or text results, images, notes, GPS information.

How it Works!

The MDBio BCC19 Test is intended for the presumptive detection of nucleic acids from the 2019-nCoV virus in upper respiratory specimens, collected from individuals with signs and symptoms of infection for COVID-19.

The MDBio BCC19 Test utilizes an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technique wherein DNA amplification is carried out at a constant temperature of 65 °C. The test uses a set of 6 primers and a DNA polymerase with high strand displacement and replication activity.

The assay also incorporates a reverse transcriptase (RT) polymerase which creates complimentary cDNA from RNA which is then amplified by the DNA polymerase. These two polymerases work in tandem enabling the detection of viral DNA and RNA in the same reaction.

The interpretation and reporting of results with MDBio BCC19 Test are automated through the MobileDetect Smartphone App currently available in the App Store and Play Store. The MobileDetect App automatically analyzes each reaction, and objectively interprets the results as positive or negative for the operator. After analysis, reports can be emailed, texted, or printed as desired.

Chemical assay with colour reaction


Nasopharyngeal swabbing of upper nasal cavity

Detection Type
Active COVID-19 RNA or DNA strains

Bio sampling, buffer solution, assay exposure, heating, automated detection

Limit of Detection
500 viral load

Automated Detection and reporting with MobileDetect App on iOS and Android

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