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A large part of any PMP is contact tracing, a very specialized skill that requires a lot of resources. The CDC considers contact tracing to be a key part in any PMP and has credited contact tracing to be a big help containing COVID-19.

For most companies and business, an outbreak would be deadly and could result in having to shut down completely. With a contact tracing strategy, businesses can limit the impact and effects on their business.

Protecting the safety of your teams and worksite is a top priority.

Using Blackline Safety's industry-leading connected safety technology to help safeguard your employees and businesses through automated industrial contact tracing.

Using a combination of Blackline Safety's intrinsically safe G7 safety wearables and Loner Mobile smartphone app, employee location data streams to the Blackline Safety Cloud and powers interactive contact tracing reports online.

Should an employee present with symptoms or test positive for the COVID-19 virus, help retrace the individual's steps, see where the worker may have had contact other coworkers and who those individuals are.

Blackline's Live Monitor quickly and easily shows you traceable information based on user activity.


The G7 product line incorporates leading incident detection and advanced location technology with 3G and satellite communications to ensure seamless monitoring. G7 is expandable — customizable cartridges tailor monitoring capabilities for every employee role and job. Each device is wirelessly configurable from Blackline Live user accounts, removing the guesswork from managing a world-class safety program. From gas detection to lone worker monitoring, gas detection compliance, data analytics and evacuation management, G7 has your teams covered.

BLACKLINE SAFETY Loner Connected Safety Devices

Blackline Safety's Loner product line incorporates leading incident detection and advanced location technology with 3G to keeps teams connected and ensure seamless monitoring. Loner solutions are there for your teams when they need help most, with industrial-grade lone worker monitoring and evacuation management. Loner solutions are wirelessly configurable from Blackline Live with profiles that remove the guesswork related to managing a world-class safety monitoring program.

How Contact Tracing Can Help Protect Your Company

In the event of asymptomatic employee or positive coronavirus case, how would your business respond? Blackline is empowering companies with the technology to identify where affected employees worked and who they came into contact with while on the job, ensuring a swift and efficient response to the threat of COVID-19 throughout your business.

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Cloud-Connected Technology Enhances Safety

Our Blackline Vision data science team has created a new custom Close Contact report for our customers to help identify specific interactions and combat the spread of COVID-19 through their teams.

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