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  1. SPER Scientific Certified Visible Light Meter

    The Sper Scientific Visible Light SD Card Datalogger (Model 850007) is an intelligent meter that reads light in Lux or Foot Candles and functions as a Type K/J thermocouple thermometer. This meter features a real time SD memory card datalogger. Standard, portable SD memory cards provide unlimited data storage and upload pre-formatted data directly to Excel, eliminating the need for cables or software. Each data set includes light measurement, time and date.

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    By: Sper Scientific
    Part #: RN-850007C
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  2. TES 1393 Triaxial ELF-EMF Meter 

    This EMF tester is specifically designed to determine the magnitude of electromagnetic filed radiation generated by power lines, computer's monitor, TV sets, video machinery and many other similar devices.

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    By: TES Electrical Electronic Corp.
    Part #: RN-TES-1393
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