Full Face Respirators

Concept Controls knows the ins-and-outs for choosing the correct full mask respirator for any application.Finding the right type of mask, and making sure it fits the wearer, can mean the difference between life and death in environments where poisonous gases, dust, vapours and other hazards potentially exist. Know what the atmospheric conditions are to remain safe and choose the appropriate level of protection for that potential hazard. Full face masks respirators are non-disposable respirators that all have two sets of straps, a mouth piece and two cartridge/filter pieces and will have a NIOSH approval on them. Full-face respirators will cover the entire face. These respirators will create a facial seal and filter the air entering and exiting the wearer’s airway. A distinct difference between disposable and full-face respirators is that in full-face respirators, the wearer can change through various filters and cartridges to meet various safety requirements, without having to change the mask entirely. Cartridges and filters that are used with full and half masks are designed to filter out specific contaminants so that you can breathe safely. Typically, filters protect against particulates and cartridges protect against gas and vapors. Each cartridge or canister has a color code on them that tells you what it protects you from. Acid gas, chlorine gas, organic vapors, carbon monoxide and particulates all have a specific color. NIOSH determines the safe levels of contaminants that you can inhale.

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