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Concept Controls wants to help you meet all your safety needs. But what exactly is safety? For some it might work gloves to prevent scratches and cuts, but for others it might involve heavier equipment, careful planning, and ensuring you are following OSHA standards. For Concept Controls Safety is more than all that.

Gas Detection

Gas detection can refer to a wide range of applications, and we’re here to help you with all of them. Whether you’re looking at larger fixed gas detectors, or smaller personal devices, we know all about it. We can help you out if you need Colorimetric tubes that can be used once and never need to be calibrated, or if you’re looking for a photo-Ionic detector to monitor explosive risk. Just about any area of gas detection you need help with our staff can support you.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is about managing your onsite health and safety issues. Our professionals can look at your specific situation and give you a recommendation tailored to your own business environment. Whether it’s site disinfection or sound level monitoring Concept Controls experts can guide you to a solution that works.

Fall Protection

Too often the danger on worksites is not from machinery but simply from the terrain. Whether working next to a canyon or going down a well, fall safety is a crucial aspect of your workspace. Our fall safety experts will tell you what you need to secure your site as well as give you the options you need to maximize employee happiness and productivity.

Environmental Awareness

While dealing with dangerous substances there is always a danger something will leak into the surrounding environment. Utilizing our sampling and monitoring equipment you’ll be made aware of any possible environmental exposure before it becomes an emergency situation.

Respiratory Awareness

You only have one set of lungs and you’re going to need them for the rest of your life. Not only is it important to be aware of what is in the air around you but you need to actively ensure you aren’t breathing in anything hazardous. You may only need a simple N95 mask or you may need a full blown full face respirator, or maybe you don’t even need anything at all. But for your health and your future we think it is important to be sure.

Pandemic Mitigation

We live in strange times, and as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on it is important that you have everything you need to keep your staff safe and your business working at maximum efficiency.

Heat Stress Awareness

Heat stress and heat related illnesses can seemingly come out of nowhere. You’re fine one moment and the next your body is struggling to regulate its temperature. Knowing what signs to look out for is half the battle, being able to monitor conditions and react accordingly is the other half.


Being protected in the face of extreme hazards is important. Whether all you need is a hazmat suit or you need to detect radioactive material we can give you the peace of mind that yes – you are safe. Our solutions experts can set you up with the gear you need for your Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, or Nuclear protection.

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