From Humble Beginnings

Concept Controls was founded in 1992 by Jim Yaschuk and Rob Chittick in Calgary, Alberta. Originally known as Concept Environmental Services, the company worked with a broad range of instrumentation products. It soon became evident that there was a gap in the safety instrumentation market. With no local companies filling this gap, the company was re-launched in 1999 as Concept Controls Inc to fill this hole.

Since that time Concept Controls has grown its catalogue and diversified to carry a wide variety of safety equipment from gas detection, to CNRB gear. In more recent years Concept Controls has even grown into areas such as fall protection and electrostatic cleaning.

Beginning with its humble office in Calgary, Concept Controls acquired Safety Instruments, a small but successful company with a similar focus located in Edmonton, Alberta in 2003. This gave Concept Controls its first office outside of Calgary.

Growing to Serve You Nationally

In 2004, just one year after the acquisition of the Edmonton office, a new office was opened in Mississauga, giving Concept Controls a footprint in the GTA and making it a truly national company. In 2017 this office would be moved to Cambridge.

Also in 2004 Concept Controls brought Mike Stevens on board as CEO. Under Mike’s leadership Concept Controls would grow into a market leader in Canada as well creating a foothold in the United States.

Through this time Concept Controls grew its relationship with many of the major safety manufacturers, creating lasting relationships with industry heavyweights such as Honeywell, 3M, and SKC.

A long time corporate goal of making service available to the French speaking market was met in 2006, with the opening of its Montreal office, and its fully bilingual staff.

By 2011 Concept Controls was opening a new West Coast office in Burnaby British Columbia. This new office allowed Concept Controls to bring its high-quality products and its years of experience to the Vancouver area.

Although Concept Controls had been engaged in the American market since 2005, it wasn’t until 2013 that it would open its office in Houston, Texas, which is hoped to be the first of many American satellite locations.


In 2019 Concept Controls acquired Gaztek Inc, a Montreal based distributor of Gas detection instrumentation. This partnership has allowed Concept Controls to grow its footprint in Montreal and Quebec. In early 2021 Concept Controls merged with Warren Equity, allowing the company greater resources as it seeks to grow further. Later in the year Concept Controls used this newfound leverage by acquiring Alberta based MultiGas, a company focused on fixed gas detection systems.

Today Concept Controls is a modern company with a service team available at each of its six locations in addition to a sales team based out of the Greater Toronto Area.

With thousands of customers spread through many industries Concept Controls is positioned as a company both able and willing to meet the industrial safety requirements of all our customers no matter who they are or where they are.

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